Telephone, Fireman, Elevator Personnel, and Key Boxes

Telephone Boxes

All models install either right or left handed. A solid brushed stainless steel cover is standard. Mirrored stainless and brushed and mirrored muntz covers are available at a premium. Piston design concealed hinging locks cover fully open and draws tightly closed. Hinging action lifts cover straight out from wall, preventing marring and allowing full phone access. NEW! Shallow model available for NLPALOUS - 2 1/2" deep instead of standard 3 1/2"

General Specifications and Ordering Information

 Model  Cover Size  Box Size  Box Cutout
 Name  Part  Width  Height  Width Height  Width Height
 NLPOUS  1010  10  12.5  9  10.625  9.25  10.875
 NLPALOUS  1020  8.5  12.5  7.375  10.25  7.625  10.5
Shallow (2.5")
 1023  8.5  12.5  7.375  10.25  7.625  10.5
 NLPNOUS  1025  4.5  15  3.625  13.625  3.875  13.875

#1030 Trimline Telephone - Designed for use with the NLPNOUS residental elevator telephone box

Replacement Parts

#2010 Phone Knob Kit

#2018 Symbol Knob Kit

#2019 Plain Knob Kit

#2027 - Muntz #2026 - S/S

Fireman Service Key Box

Covers are available in either brushed stainless or muntz bronze finish. 

Flush mounted cover and heavy steel cabinet provide maximum security. 

Box has red enamel finish for attractive surface mounting. 

Mounting hooks are provided for service keys and elevator door key. Available locks include 7804 and SI-2 (Indiana and Albuquerque, NM). Box is 9.125" Tall, 5.375" Wide, and 1.375" Deep.

Emergency Key Box

Similar to the Fireman Service Key Box, but designed to satisfy the Minnesota code requirement. Features the word "EMERGENCY" instead of "FIRE DEPT USE ONLY". Available with locks 10404 or 7802, depending on city or state requirement.

Elevator Personnel Only Key Box

Designed to meet the Minnesota code requirement for the Elevator Personnel Only Key Box.

Door Key Safe

The DKS Door Key Safe (#1450) makes security simple by using a common key. 

Saves time spent looking for the manager. 

Eliminates the need to carry many keys and s

implifies emergency service. Unit is 2.25" Wide, 4" High and 2" deep. Hangs over the door.

Digital Door Key Safe

With the Digital Door Key Safe (#1460) there are no keys to lose or misplace. 

No total breach of security with one key in the wrong hands. 

Combination lock that you program. 

Mounts on door or wall. 

Stainless steel construction. 

2.25" Wide x 4.25 High x .625 Deep.

Door Interlock Release Box

Hoistway Security Assured!
  • Meets ANSI A17 specifications
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Prevents unlocking with common tools
  • Seven pin cylinder lock with two keys
  • Key not removable in unlocked position
  • Suitable for dumbwaiter or freight elevator applications
  • Optional replacement chain available
  • 2.75"W x 4"H x 1.25"D

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