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Nylite Low Voltage and 120 Volt Ceiling Lighting

Nylube introduced low voltage ceiling lighting to the elevator industry more than 30 years ago. Today, we offer low voltage lighting in LED, halogen, and incandescent lamps. We also manufacture CSA labeled 120 volt lighting fixtures with a 50 watt incandescent lamp with a tuffskin protective coating, and a unique "plug and play" design for easy installation. 

For more information visit our Nylite Low Voltage or 120 Volt Ceiling Lighting page.

Emergency Lights and Alarm Bells

Often imitated, but never duplicated, Nylube's emergency lights are the highest quality in the elevator industry. We offer a variety of models of emergency lights and carry alarm bells in many DC and AC voltages.

For more information, visit our Emergency Lights and Alarm Bells page.

Fans (AC, DC, and more)

The elevator industry's most extensive line of fans. Round, square, 10", 12", two speed, three speed, 120 vac, 220 vac, high performance. 

For more information, visit our Fans page.

Boxes (Telephone, Fireman Service, Keys)

If the elevator industry uses a box, we have it. We carry telephone boxes for commercial and residential elevators, Fireman Service Key Boxes, Elevator Personnel Boxes, and a variety of other key boxes.

For more information, visit our Boxes page.

Certificate and Document Frames

Nylube offers the elevator industry's largest selection of certificate and document frames. From the 2 x 3 model for Georgia to the 11 x 17 poster holder, these frames are available in stainless and muntz bronze, mirrored and brushed.

For more information, visit our Certificate and Document Frames page.

Door Guide Kits (Sliding and Roller) and Fire Tabs - Rail Shoe Inserts & Holders

The choice of nearly every entrance manufacturer in North America, these Door Guide Kits are the industry's strongest standard assembly. And now they are complemented by the industry's largest selection of 4" and 8" fire tabs to satisfy the code required "secondary retaining device". These fire tabs are available with many different offsets and steel of 14 or 10 gauge. Nylube's Rail Shoe Inserts and Holders are the choice for many residential and commercial elevator companies due to the superior characteristics of the blue UHMWP material.

For more information, visit our Door Guide Kits and Fire Tabs page, or our Rail Shoes page.


With a name like Nylube, you know we are experts at lubrication. For more than 50 years, the elevator industry has looked to us for lubricants of the highest quality. We have lubricants for rails, cable and general use.

For more information, visit our Lubricants page.

Lubricators (Cable & Rail)

Proven through decades of field use and in the test towers of the majors of the industry, Nylube's Automatic Cable Lubricators are worth many times their cost. So much so that more than one major has installed automatic cable lubricators on every service job in the United States at their own expense. We have the sizes you need and the lubricant to keep them performing at their best. We also offer a wick based Rail Lubricator.

For more information, visit our Lubricators page.

Car Top Inspection Stations

Our Car Top Inspection Stations are preferred by many OEM manufacturers for a reason. We build models to meet individual requirements at a price that can't be beat.

For more information, visit our Car Top Inspection Stations page.

Pit Products (Ladders, Switches, Pit Pack Auxiliary Boxes)

One place we're very comfortable in is an elevator pit. We offer the industry's most economical and flexible pit ladder. From 4' to 16' we've seen them all and met their requirements. We have 12", 14" and 16" wide ladders to meet any code or space constriction as well as a modular design that easily solves any height requirement. Our Pit Swiches and Pit Pack™ Auxiliary Boxes are industry standards, available with options like CSA labeled models as well as upgrades to the Auxiliary Boxes like GFCI and metal or plastic lamp guards.  

For more information, visit our Pit Products page.

Oil Return Sump Pumps, Tank Heaters & Coolers

Hydraulic elevators run smoother with Nylube's products. Our Oil Return Sump/Scavenger Pump is available with a Flood Control feature which shuts the unit down if there is flooding in the pit. Suitable for vertical rises of up to 23'. Our Tank Heaters and Coolers keep the operating temperature right where it needs to be to prevent shut downs.

For more information, visit our Oil Return Sump Pumps, Tank Heaters and Coolers page.

Miscellaneous Products (Door Escutcheons, Pad Buttons, Hatch Interlocks)

Our ever expanding line of miscellaneous products includes Door release Keyway Ferrules (Escutcheons) in muliple lengths and finishes of real stainless or muntz bronze. We also offer Pad Buttons in stainless and muntz bronze with optional extenders and fasteners to solve any situation. Our new Hatch Interlocks offer security and safety in a rescue scenario.

For more information, visit our Miscellaneous Products page.

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