Car Top Inspection Stations

Why are Nylube's Car Top Inspection Stations the choice of so many OEM elevator companies? Several reasons really. Our Car Top Inspection Stations use only the finest components, we have models available to suit nearly any application or requirement, we offer fast turnarounds, and our prices are surprisingly low. Give us a call and tell us what features you are looking for. If we don't already make a model that meets your need, we'll make a new model that will.

The Standard Features are as follows:

  • Up button
  • Down button
  • Safe/Enable Button
  • Light switch
  • Run-Stop switch
  • Normal-Inspect switch
  • Lamp socket
  • 2 110V AC outlets

The Optional Features are as follows:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter upgrade
  • Alarm Bell (specify 6, 12, 24v DC or 120v AC)
  • Fireman Service Buzzer and Light (24v DC or 120v AC)
  • Grounded Metal Lamp Guard
  • Plastic Lamp Guard w/ Retaining Collar
  • Rough Service Lamp
CSA Labeled Models Available
Pendant Models Available (see below)

Separate Fire Service Buzzer and Light

Part #1828

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