Low Voltage Nylite Ceiling Lights

An industry standard for more than 30 years, Nylite Ceiling Lighting systems are in tens of thousands of elevators around the world. Field tested and proven quality with knowledgeable customer service backing up every system we sell. And now with low cost LED options for longer life and dramatic energy savings, Nylube's Nylites are positioned to remain a standard in the industry into the future. 20 watt Incandescent and 20 and 35 watt halogen systems are still available.

NYLV-7 and NYLV-7LED Emergency Lights

An available option on most Nylite ceiling lighting sytems is the NYLV-7 emergency light. This light powers two 20 watt incandescent or halogen lamps at a reduced light level meeting the elevator code requirements. The LED version of this power supply (NYLV-7LED) is required for use with 6 watt LED systems.

Nylite Color Options

Black Threaded

#3870 Top View

Champagne Unthreaded

Top View

Gold Threaded

#3872 Top View

Gold Unthreaded

#3877 Top View

Chrome Threaded

#3874 Top View

Chrome Unthreaded

#3878 Top View

Clear Threaded

#3873 Top View

Clear Unthreaded

Top View

Nylite Replacement Parts

Protective Screen #3865

Frame #3880

Incandescent Socket #2853

Halogen Socket #3853

20 Watt Coated
Halogen GBF #1418

35 Watt Uncoated
Halogen GBF #1409

Incandescent #1383

Coated 1383 #13TS

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