Emergency Lights and Alarm Bells

When Power Fails...Assure Instant Lighting and Alarm with Nylube's
Elevator Emergency Light and Alarm Systems
The Industry Standard for over 35 years for some very good reasons:

  • Full line of models for new cabs and modernization - Designed to meet every installation condition.
  • Multiple power supply options for differing code requirements.
  • Up to 8 hours lighting - full capacity restored in 2 hours for every hour of discharge.
  • Easily installed, self-contained units - rugged tamper-resistant construction.
  • No exposed delicate circuits or components to damage, nickel cadmium battery and solid state electronics.
  • 220 Volt, 50-60 Hz models available.
  • Complete inventory of replacement parts stocked for convenient field servicing.
  • Proven reliable...years of maintenance-free field operation- justifying a seven year warranty on electronics and batteries!

Models Available


EL-SS (#1100) Surface mounts above or near car station. Stainless #4 finish standard. Also available in Muntz #4 finish (EL-MTZ, #1105) and Stainless #8 Mirror finish. CSA labeled version available, ask for EL-22502.


EL-FML (#1116) Lower cost surface mount unit for ceiling. Generally used on translucent drop ceilings (eggcrates) face down shining through. Entire face plate acts as as lens.


ELW-2 (Slimline) (#1111 with Bell, #1121 w/o Bell) Car top power supply and remote slimline fixture. Available with high performance ELB-6-U 6 volt bell. CSA labeled version available with attached interrupter bell, ask for EL-22505-W & ELB-INT-6.


ELW-3 (Car Station) (#1111/1122 with Bell, #1122 w/o Bell) Car top power supply and remote car station fixture. Fixture requires pre-existing hole in car operating panel. Available with high performance ELB-6-U 6 volt bell.


EL-KMW (#1101) Car station power supply. Plate unit meant to be located inside operating panel. Common replacement for Westinghouse/Schindler units. Does not include fixture. With optional car station fixture order EL-KMW-3 (#1101/1120).

Util-Lights - Combination Utility Box/Emergency Light & Bell

Emergency Light
  • Car top power supply with remote surface mounting slimline (ELW-2UTIL) or car station fixture (ELW-3UTIL).
  • 6 Volt DC alarm bell (CSA interrupter bells available).
  • Up to 6 hours lighting and alarm - full capacity restored in two hours for every hour of emergency use.

Utility Box

  • Mechanic's worklight with grounded metal lamp guard (meets OSHA requirement #1926.401)
  • Up to 100 watt incandescent bulb with protective coating to prevent shattering (Recommended Option - additional cost)
  • Two grounded 125 volt outlets with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for power tool and test equipment connection.


NYPS-3 (#1103) Bell or intercom power supply. Plate unit does not include box.



NYLV-7 (#1119) Nylite Emergency Light. Powers two of the Nylite low voltage 20 watt incandescent or halogen ceiling lights at a reduced light level. An NYLV-7LED is required to power two 6 watt LEDs, and must be purchased along with a Nylube LED Nylite system.

Special Veterans Administration and GSA Units

EL425W-2 ( #1117 with Bell, #1118 w/o Bell) Similar in appearance to ELW-2, uses a slimline fixture but provides 1.0 footcandle as opposed to standard 0.2 footcandle.

EL-GSA (#1113) GSA model with EL remote (same stainless fixture used in EL-SS). Also available with #4 Muntz remote.

Alarm Bells

Nylube's alarm bells are the industry standard for a reason. Actually several reasons: Universal Mounting, Superior Quality, Great Value, and a very low current draw. That means less draw on the power supply and more time to signal an emergency. When used with Nylube's Emergency Lights, it is possible to use two Nylube Alarm Bells and still be capable of meeting the code required ringing duration.

Models Available 

 Model  Part# Description
db at 10'
Ohms Amps
ELB-6-U 1220 6 volt DC
10 .15
ELB-12-U 1221 12 volt DC
92db 72 .08
ELB-24-U 1222 24 volt DC
92db 72  .10
 120 volt AC
92db 216  .07
1224 6 volt DC interrupter
92db 10 .08
 ELB-12-INT 1225 12 volt DC interrupter
92db 72 .04
 12 VAC
12 volt AC
 24 VAC
1228 24 volt AC

Replacement Parts

#2005 Standard EL battery
(may be white)

#2100 Charging Module

#2035 GAL Battery Pack

#2040 NYLV-7 battery pack
2 per unit

#3112 Slimline Lense (W-2)

#3020 Car Station Lense (W-3)

#3003 EL Lense (EL-SS)

#3008 EL-FML Lense

#2030 D cell
(for EL-425 units) 4 per unit

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