Frequently Asked Questions

Low Voltage and 120V ceiling lighting

How are your 120 volt fixtures different from everyone elses?
Yes, we have introduced an innovative new lighting system for 120 volt service.
Each fixture includes a line cord and plug and a receptacle, so fixtures can be
plugged in one to another. This CSA labeled product saves dramatically on
labor costs for wiring. The 120 volt fixtures are available in round black, chrome,
and white; square black and brushed stainless.

Do you have halogen systems for low voltage lighting?
Yes, we carry halogen systems using 20 and 35 watt lamps.

Where can I get replacement light bulbs?
We sell replacement light bulbs for all our lighting systems. Since most service contracts do not include lights, we have agreed to sell light bulbs directly to end users.

What trim colors are available?
Nylube low voltage lighting is available with trim rings in the following finishes: Black Threaded (standard), Black polished, Gold threaded and unthreaded, Chrome threaded and unthreaded, Clear threaded and unthreaded, and Champagne unthreaded.

Why would I need tuffskin coated lamps?
The version of the elevator code adopted in much of the United States requires lamps to be protected. Protection can be accomplished in two ways. The first is by using tuffskin coated lamps. This protective coating means no glass will fall in case of breakage. This is the safest and least expensive option. The alternative is to use protective screens, which require threaded trim rings.