Frequently Asked Questions


I have an existing fan that is larger that ten inches. What do I do?
There are two ways to solve this situation. Nylube now offers a fan for 12" holes, the X14F6 (part#1512). We also have two adapter plates to bring a larger hole down to size for the use of our fans. The standard adapter is part #2555, the offset adapter (part #2556) allows you to move the replacement fan away from an obstruction such as the crosshead.

I am replacing a square fan, which model should I use?

Nylube now offers a square fan to make replacing other square fans easy. Order model X2SQ6 (part#1502) and move more air for less money.

Do you have an answer for 220 volt applications?
Yes. Model X220F9(part #1515) is a two speed 220 volt fan.

I have a glass elevator and I need an emergency fan. What does Nylube offer?
Nylube has a DC Emergency Fan (XF12V, part #1518) which meets the code requirement for glass elevators. There are two power supplies available for this fan, NYPS-4 which provides two hours of standy power, and NYPS-8 which provides four hours. Please Note: This emergency fan does not operate under normal power conditions. It is a separate, standby fan.

Does Nylube offer replacement motors for it's fans?
Yes, Nylube sells replacement motors for the two speed (part #2500), and three speed (part #2551). The replacement motor for the square fan is part #2502. Replacement one speed motors are no longer available.