Frequently Asked Questions

Key Boxes and Safes

What locks are available for the Fireman Service Key Boxes?
Currently, Nylube has four different locks. The 7804, SI-2, 10404, and 7802. The SI-2 is the standard for Indiana.

What about the state of Minnesota special requirements?
Nylube offers special Emergency boxes for the Minnesota requirements. For the Emergency box, the Emer. FKB-0404 is for Minneapolis/St. Paul and the Emer. FKB-7802 is for the rest of the state. The EKB-4176 is the Elevator Personnel Only box used statewide.

What locks are available for these Door Key Safes
The DKS is offered with a standard #186 lock and an optional #10404 lock

I'm concerned about security. What is the best way to insure no one else has the key to my Key Safe?
Nylube has introduced a Combination Lock Key safe (Digital Key Safe) which allows you to set your own three digit combination. Unlike the keyed model, this Digital DKS can have the combination changed at any time.