Automatic Cable and Rail Lubricators

Automatic Cable Lubricators

for Elevators, Escalator Chains, and Selector Tapes

  • Keeps cables constantly lubricated
  • Increases cable and sheave life
  • Adjustable oiling rate-wick lock
  • Adjustable wick length
  • Top fill external level indicator

Lubricates by electrostatic attraction - which means only minimum wick adjustment necessary after installation.

The available models are as follows:

 Model  Part#  Description
 NCL-3  1350  3" Auto Cable Lubricator
 NCL-5  1355  5" Auto Cable Lubricator
 NCL-7  1351  7" Auto Cable Lubricator
 NCL-9  1352  9" Auto Cable Lubricator
 NCL-12  1353  12" Auto Cable Lubricator
 NCL-16  1354  16" Auto Cable Lubricator

For proper model selection, measure distance between outside cables and add one inch.

Recommended Lubricants for use with Lubricators: Lubri-Cable® and Cable Care 65™ Lubricants.

Service Bulletin #13 (Installation, Adjustment and Servicing) - Drawing

Automatic Rail Lubricator

Lubricating rails can be accomplished more easily and efficiently with our Automatic Rail Lubricator. Just fill the reservoir with lubricant. Nylube Rail Care 45™ Lubricant is recommended. As the lubricator passes over the rail, lubricant is applied evenly from the wick to the rail. Lubrication is constant and adjustable. This unit mounts directly above the rail shoe holder and features an adjustable rail slot for rails from 5/8" to 1 1/8" jumbo size. The covered reservoir prevents messy spills. Made of sturdy, all steel construction, this unit needs very little maintenance - just fill and go.

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