Miscellaneous Products (Door Escutcheons, Pad Buttons, Hatch Interlocks)

Door Release Keyway Ferrules (Escutcheons)

Nylube offers high quality Door Release Keyway Ferrules in both Stainless Steel and Muntz Bronze faces. They are available in either 1.75" long models or 3.75" long models. The inside diameter of the tube is 7/16" and the outside diameter is 1/2". The stainless or muntz face is 3/4" in diameter. The tube is made of a soft brass metal which makes it quite easy to cut to your desired length. Each Ferrule comes with its own locking Tinnerman clip for a secure installation.

 Model  Part#  Finish  Length
 DRK-S-175  1910  Stainless  1.75"
 DRK-M-175  1915  Muntz  1.75"
 DRK-S-375  1912  Stainless  3.75"
 DRK-M-375  1917  Muntz  3.75"

Pad Buttons and Extenders

Nylube's Pad Buttons come in either Stainless Steel (part #1900) or Muntz Bronze (1901). They are internally threaded to 10/24. A hanger bolt (#FS60) is available for screwing into wood panels. A 1" extender is available in stainless (#1903) and a coupling screw (#1906) makes it easy to attach the extender to the pad button.

Emergency Exit Interlock

Ceiling Emergency Latch Switch. DPDT 

Switch allows for building security


to be notified, as well as separate circuit 

for car shut down or, as code requires. 

Requires manual latch reset from car top. 

Part #1480.

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