Scavenger Pumps, Tank Heaters and Coolers

Scavenger (Sump) Pumps

NLS-3 and NLS-3-FC

  • Reduce pit fire hazard ... Save Oil
  • Cleaner - less slippery pit floors
  • Pt flood safety shut off (Optional)

A Nylube-designed, sealed, submersible pump and motor in compact, corrosion-proof tank- automatic pump operation- return oil filter. Easy, low cost installation- flexible tubing with no connection to elevator hydraulic system- light weight, suitable for permanent or portable use. Accessory flood control prevents pumping when water is present in pit. Operational pre-test switch furnished on every unit.

Specifications and Installation

  • 3 gallon tank
  • 16"L x 11"W x 6"H
  • Weight of pump 16 lbs.(7.5kg)
  • 60 Cycle
  • Removable tank cover
  • Floor or side wall mount
  • 115VAC
  • 1 phase- 3.5 amp

Flood Control Model NLS-3-FC

Model NLS-3-FC with water sensor kit - if flood water or liquids rise, the power to the oil return pump system is broken until manually reset when no liquid is present and system is clean - prevents contaminants from entering elevator hydraulic system.


Oil collected at the jack head drains back under gravity, and is filtered through a cleanable screen at the tank. The tank holds 3 gallons of oil. A float in the tank starts the pump when the oil level rises, stopping when it falls. The sealed pump forces the oil through a check valve, and tubing to the elevator hydraulic oil reservoir.

If flood water should rise in the pit, the automatic safety control senses the presence of water, shutting doen the pump, so no oil or water is pumped until the pit is dry. After the sump system is checked, made free of water, and the safety switch manually unlatched, the pump may be put back into service.

Service Bulletin #5 (Installation Recommendations)

Tank Heaters

Nylube didn't invent the Hydraulic Oil Tank Heater. We heard your complaints about what was available and the price the existing models cost. So, we did what we do. If we can find a way to create a better product at a lower cost, we will. If not, we won't. We don't have to have every product you might ever need. We need to have the products we can make better than anyone else, at a cost that makes you competitive. 

We make a standard product for service, and we make custom heaters for OEMs. Give us a call and find out how Nylube can provide you the product you need at the price you hoped for.


  • Pre-Set 110 F Thermostat

  • 250 Watts

  • 2.1 Amps

  • Oil-Tight Fittings

  • 120 Volt AC (220 VAC available)

  • Handy-Box w/ Illuminated Switch Included

  • Standard 3' Flexible Non-Metallic Pipe)

  • Power Cord Included

Tank Coolers

Save hundreds or even thousands on high temperature oil problems. Designed for applications where peak usage causes heat and hydraulic breakdowns. Nylube's Tank Cooler is a low cost alternative to expensive, plumbed-in heat exchangers. Make no mistake, this does not perform like the multi-thousand dollar models which will solve any problem no matter how severe. This model simply avoids the need to spend that much money when the heat problem is minor or temporary.


  • 2000 BTU/HR. Heat Removal

  • Exterior Mounted, No Plumbing Necessary

  • 36" W x 14" H x 8" D

  • Turns on at 120 F

  • Liquid To Air Cooling

  • Optional Pump Shut-Down Feature at 160 F (Extra Cost)

  • Weighs only 20 lbs.

Unit attaches to sidewall of tank reservoir with provided self-sealing rivets. Installation instructions below.

1. Lower oil level in tank by running elevator to top floor, or by draining.

2. Attach unit on flat area of tank horizontally or vertically with the six (6) included self-sealing pop rivets through the 13/16" holes (to be drilled in the tank).

3. Place the pop rivets in the four corners, and the top and bottom center positions.

4. Unit is prewired with a 6 foot line cord and requires a grounded 120 VAC outlet.

5. Machine room ambient temperature is a major factor for tank cooler performance.

6. For increased level of cooling, a second unit may be added if space allows.

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